Identity Crisis (ongoing)

While trying to find and understand my personal identity as an African in contemporary time, I decided to create this work, adopting my true life situation as a specimen. I made an attempt to highlight some of the challenges I encountered while trying to understand the subject identity as it concerns most young generation of Africans in modern day, I also made attempts to include other subjects bordering around identity such as racism and colorism

At some point this work is about finding balance between imposed identity and self-identity and how perceived identity can be in conflict with true identity.

I also seek to explore the impact of colonialism and western influence on our identity as Africans. The long-lasting impact of the West on our language, beliefs, culture, religion and mode of dressing cannot be over-emphasized. The African cultural heritage is silently going into extinction. For instance, our native language is currently referred to as vernacular in our own land while the English language takes precedence. Even in our very hot environment, we have enforced suit, shirt, tie and trousers/skirt as the official dress-code or what we term as formal, as against our traditional attire which could also been sewn smartly.

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