Paje (the witch killer) is one of the most prominent masquerade in Badagry, it had gained its prominence not just for being around since the slave trade era but also for the role it played in bringing stability to Badagry at a time when children were being killed by witches.

The Baale of Yoyoweh, Chief Ajibola Abbas one of the grandchildren of Seriki Williams Abbas a slave turned slave trader, who ran a slave prison called Brazilian Baracoon during the slavery period, narrates that Paje (the witch killer) was brought to Badagry  by his grandfather after 144 of his children died mysteriously, (Seriki Abbas had 128 wives) Seriki Abbas had consulted an oracle and was instructed to adopt Paje masquerade from Offa (Offa is in today’s Kwara state) which he did and was said to have brought an end to the mysterious death of children.
Hence the witch killer is not just significant for festivities alone but also as a symbol of safety. images were taken in Lagos Nigeria, June 2019 during the 100 years celebration since the death of seriki Williams Abbas. 
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